Exporting Speedstiles

If you are looking for speedstiles you have come to the right place. IPX Secure have supplied products of various shapes and sizes to corporations, organisations and Government agencies. Whether you require a more stylish looking speedstile or one which simply does the job, IPX Secure have the solution right here for you.

Speedstiles can be seen all over, wherever you go, and are ultra effective in the way they work and the job they do. Controlling traffic flow from pedestrians is vital in areas which are overly busy. If these security and control measures weren’t in place, it would be impossible to see who was going in and out of a specific area at any particular time, and of course, this in itself poses serious security threats and implications.

Speedstiles are ideal for entrances requiring a secure and aesthetic solution, while catering for high numbers of pedestrian traffic flows. A speedstile, also known as a speedgate, speedlane or flap gate, makes for an effective access control point. The product lets you monitor admittance, manage crowds, and keep track of employee movements into and out of the building, without hampering the flow of traffic.

Speedstiles, or speedgates, are used to great effect for applications such as office blocks, passenger terminals, railway stations, and sports stadiums. The speedstile range offers a number of stainless steel cabinet configurations as well as three different lane widths: 550mm, 700mm and 900mm. The 900mm lane allows for wheelchair and delivery access.

As specialists in security and defence solutions, IPX Secure are able to talk to you about your needs and help you in your quest for traffic control. Call us today if you would like to talk to a professional company regarding speedstiles.